August 18, 2017

Online TV, newspapers, podcasts, etc

I am a big fan of using online TV, newspapers, podcasts, etc to teach oneself a new language.

I have discovered that once you get to the intermediate stages of language learning, you benefit more by going beyond the confines of textbooks. At this stage, the goal is to learn the language in its entirety. Consequently,  resources such as TV, newspapers, podcasts, blogs provide great opportunities for interacting with the complete language in a natural, authentic way.

Like so many other language learners, I have been able to sharpen my listening skills simply by listening to lots of Spanish TV, radio stations, and YouTube videos. I do this by trying to make Spanish part of my daily life and not just something I study once or twice per week.

As for newspapers, I try to read at least one article per day to extend my vocabulary,  to encounter new language structures, and just to inform myself of the news.

Below is a list of some of the TV, newspapers, podcasts, and blogs resources I regularly use to improve my Spanish. Putting them here in this blog helps me to stay organized, as I can easily refer to them. You should compile your own list to match your interests and language level.




TV Stations


Radio Stations




YouTube Video Series


TV, newspapers, podcasts - YouTube


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