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Today, I ran into This is a website that, among other things, carries a set of well-organized short videos with subtitles for listening to Spanish.  There are over four hundred free videos available on the website. About 42 are advertised on the landing page. The videos were made by speakers from different Spanish speaking countries and are for beginning, imtermediate and advanced students of Spanish.  


The videos contain responses to question asked of the speakers. The answers are short, approximately 1 minute in length, and I can follow along with the subtitle or transcript .  Each day I select one or two of these videos for active listening.  Since the videos are short, I replay them lots of times to improve my listening comprehension, intonation  and pronounciation.   I also make note of small phrases, which are often overlooked.  I believe mastering these small parts of the language are important for improving fluency.  Finally, I can watch the lips of the speakers closely to see how they are using their mouths to pronouce words.


The different speakers have varied accents, but this is one of the stenghts of the videos. I get to hear what people in different countries sound like. Also, by paying close attention, I get to hear how the speakers truncate word endings or seamlessy merge  adjacent words into single units of sound.  The transcripts are a big help here and without then I would be at a loss on numerous occassions.    In some ways, these videos remind me of the Yabla method, except that you have to personally do vocabularly search.


The vidoes are also a good resource for learning new vocabulary. Some vocabulary are indigeous to the country of the speaker. However, there are lots of new words and phrases that you can pick up from these videos.  Finally, I like that I get an opportunity to learn a little about the culture of the various speakers.


These videos are  a great resource for listening to Spanish. I encourage you to check it out.



Short Videos

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