Listening to Idiomatic and Other Expressions


Idiomatic and other expressions create powerful, colorful images and are used to enrich languages.   If you don’t recognize them when someone is speaking, then huge communication gaps are created.



The key to working with idioms is not to try to literally understand them.  Rather, you should just memorize them, understand the context in which they are used, and then boldly use them.  With that in mind, I am going to memorize a few idioms this week.


I selected the videos below to listen to idioms. I already know some of them, but I am going to relisten to them anyway.  FluentU has an interesting list of 25 popular Spanish idioms.  I’ll also try to learn as much of them as possible.


Other Expressions

In addition to idioms, I also think it is important to master some of the casual expressions that people use in everyday language. These expressions also serve to enrich language and create more relaxed, informal, and heartfelt way of communicating.   Many of these expressions can be understood by any Spanish speaker, but some are peculiar to certain countries.


I ran into the video below that shares some of these expressions in the context of Colombia.  Checki it out.  Look out for similar expressions and post them in the comment section of this blog.


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