Listening to Consecutive Interpreting

In this blog, I am advocating improving listening comprehension by listening to consecutive interpreting. As we all know, lots of hours of listening to a foreign language is key for understanding the spoken language.

One of the traditional ways to improve listening comprehension is to watch movies or videos with subtitles or transcripts . Many people have found this to be a highly effective method for improving listening skills.

Recently, it struck me that in addition to watching movies with subtitles, I could improve my listening comprehension by listening to consecutive English / Spanish interpretations or vice versa.

YouTube has tons of videos with consecutive interpretations that are available for listening practice.



My strategy is to re-listen to these videos paying careful attention to how certain phrases and ideas are quickly rendered in both languages.  I also practice doing the interpreting as well. Again, I carefully note the difference between my choice of vocabularly and sentence structure and those of the interprepter.

For each video, I select a set of phrases and ideas that I want to learn and repeat these over and over until they become part of my lexicon.



Overall, the technique help me express my thougths in a distinctively Spanish manner. It also increases my confidence with the language.

Perhaps you might want to experiment with improving your listening comprehension by listening to consecutive interpreting. Below are four YouTube consecutive interpretation videos I have been re-listening to in the past. Click on them and try out this technique. Happy listening!




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