August 18, 2017

Spanish Readers

Children’s Books
Below is a short list of web sites that I compiled that carry online Spanish Readers aimed at kids.  I regularly read books from these websites for pleasure and to extend my Spanish vocabulary. Feel free to send me additional websites that carry similar books.


Intermediate Readers
I like intermediate readers because they allow me to read in the target language without the frustration of having to look up new words every two seconds. Existing vocabulary is reinforced while new words and phrases are introduced at a manageable rate.

Intermediate readers are also a great way to start exploring popular stories, cultural events, national histories, etc., of the countries associated with our target language.

The books below are illustrative of what you can use to explore Latin American and Spanish literature at the intermediate reading level.



El Quijote: Intermediate Spanish Readers
Mexico Streets-are-free

Click here for more titles….

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