Listening to Consecutive Interpreting

In this blog, I am advocating improving listening comprehension by listening to consecutive interpreting. As we all know, lots of hours of listening to a foreign language is key for understanding the spoken language. One of the traditional ways to improve listening comprehension is to watch movies or videos with subtitles or transcripts . Many Read more about Listening to Consecutive Interpreting[…]

Attending a Spanish-speaking church

Attending a Spanish-speaking church

So, I decided to start attending a Spanish-speaking church in my vicinity.  It’s a great experience both for the language and for the spiritual blessings.  To be clear, this is not my first time attending a Spanish-speaking pentecostal church. I used to frequent one many years when I first started learning Spanish, but time and Read more about Attending a Spanish-speaking church[…]

listening comprehension - sculpture

Some tips to improve listening comprehension

Along the way, I came to realize that listening comprehension is a separate language learning skill that is very different from speaking, writing and reading. Of course, the various language skills are all related to each other and reinforce each other. However, they each require separate development strategies. Listening is the language learning skill I Read more about Some tips to improve listening comprehension[…]


Putting listening at the center of language learning

At this stage of my language learning, I am convinced that improving listening comprehension is the key to gaining fluency in Spanish. When I first started re-learning Spanish, I think my brain only caught about 30% of the words I heard. This was despite having a good foundation in intermediate level vocabulary, grammar, and speaking. I Read more about Putting listening at the center of language learning[…]

Relative Pronouns

Advanced relative pronouns. Moving beyond “que”

In Grammar, relative pronouns are words that relate one phrase with another.  After viewing a short video from Janina from Honduras, I realized that I don’t use relative pronons beyond “que” when I speak. So, beignning this week,  I decided to work on incorporating the following words into my everyday speech: el que, los que el Read more about Advanced relative pronouns. Moving beyond “que”[…]

Personal Stories

Short Videos with Subtitles

Today, I ran into This is a website that, among other things, carries a set of well-organized short videos with subtitles for listening to Spanish.  There are over four hundred free videos available on the website. About 42 are advertised on the landing page. The videos were made by speakers from different Spanish speaking countries Read more about Short Videos with Subtitles[…]

Listening to Idiomatic and Other Expressions

Idiomatic and other expressions create powerful, colorful images and are used to enrich languages.   If you don’t recognize them when someone is speaking, then huge communication gaps are created.   Idioms The key to working with idioms is not to try to literally understand them.  Rather, you should just memorize them, understand the context Read more about Listening to Idiomatic and Other Expressions[…]

Foods in Mexico

Listening to videos about Mexican foods

This week, I am listening to videos about Mexican foods as well as other videos.  Two videos deal with popular Mexican dishes such as tacos, burritos and enchilladas.  One video deals with visiting a Mexican market, which I found great for learning vocabularly.   To get the most out of the videos, I replay them Read more about Listening to videos about Mexican foods[…]

become fluent

Welcome to “Fluent Me”. You too can become fluent

Welcome to my blog. I am at the intermedite level in Spanish and have made up my mind to become fluent in the language. I can’t travel abroad immediately, but I still want to attain a high level of fluency right here at home.  Having met people who speak fluent Spanish without having gone abroad, Read more about Welcome to “Fluent Me”. You too can become fluent[…]

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